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Insurance for Recovery Vehicles

Any vehicle, before it is legally allowed on the roads, must have appropriate insurance. Although many vehicle owners believe that insurance is an unnecessary expense, the thousands of owners that have had to make claims would disagree with them. The cheapest type of insurance is third party as this only covers any damage you may cause to other people, their property or their vehicles but does not pay anything for any damage that may occur to your car. If you want an insurance policy that does pay for damages to your car, you will need to get the more expensive fully comprehensive insurance. The main reason why insurance is a legal requirement is because it would not be fair if you caused someone an injury and then did not have any money to pay for their medical expenses. Even a third party policy would ensure that if there were any casualties, they could get payments straight away for any treatment they may need. With this type of policy though, the insurance companies are not concerned with the state of your car and so any repairs needed will have to wait until you can afford to have them fixed. Although for many people, a third party policy is suitable, allowing car owners to pay as little in insurance as possible, a third party policy is not so suitable for business vehicles. For instance, recovery truck insurance would need to be fully comprehensive as any time that the vehicle is not on the road, it will be costing its owner money. Different insurance companies may have different insurance policies for recovery trucks and each of those policies will have its own price. This means that the recovery vehicle owner will have to spend considerable time requesting quotes from all the insurance companies to ensure that they pay the cheapest possible insurance policy there is for comprehensive insurance. However, what an increasing number of recovery vehicle owners are finding out, is it will save them a lot of time and effort if they hire an insurance broker to find a policy or them. An insurance broker is similar to an insurance agent in so far as they understand the insurance business and also know how the insurance companies work however, a broker is a free agent, able to do business with any insurance company they see fit, unlike an insurance agent who works for one insurance company and so can only therefore, offer you a policy from that company. A broker that specializes in recovery truck insurance will be able to provide you with several quotes right away but if you wish to see more, as they are aware of all the relevant insurance companies that provide recovery vehicle insurance, they can very quickly get you more quotes to look at. As an insurance broker has no one insurance company that they work for, their only loyalties are to their customers and so they provide them with the best possible service.

Boost Your Tax Return With Your Receipts

The days when tax returns are to be filed and claimed are coming once again. As it is approaching, a lot of people are busy looking at all their receipts just to find something that can make their tax returns a bit higher. Receipts are really very useful when it comes to tax refunds. In fact, there was a study conducted in Australia which resulted into the information that one of the major cause of losing around $1000 worth of rebates is due to the misplacement of their receipts. If only Australians were more a little more mindful about where they place their receipts, then they would get more from their tax returns every year.

Aside from the money that they lose, Australians also lose precious time in finding these receipts. It is averaged that they spend 2 hours and about 20 minutes just looking for the receipts that they need for their tax returns. Although there are tax agents who can help speed up the process, like those you can find in, they would still need you to produce these receipts in order for it to be considered in your tax returns.

It is a fact that the time spent looking for receipts is time wasted especially when you were not able to locate them. This is why this article is created. It will help you to manage your receipts and be able to easily get them when needed.

What You Can Do Today
There are several things that you can do as early as today to manage your receipts. Organize them all year round and you won’t have to waste your time looking for them. As a bonus, you also wouldn’t forget anything because it is all there.

1. Grab 10 paper folders or paper envelopes – This is where you will store all your receipts. Make sure that you only use paper and not the plastic ones because the ink on the receipts has a high risk of sticking onto them.

2. Put labels on your folders and envelops – Label them according to years. Remember to still keep your receipts and other pertinent records for at least five years before disposing them so that you wouldn’t get in trouble with the ATO

3. This year’s folder should be place in a visible place – Keep the rest of the envelopes in a secure place while you take out this year’s folder and place it somewhere that you will always see it. Don’t try to hide it somewhere because there is a great tendency that you will forget about it and misplace it again.

4. Keep relevant receipts – When you come across relevant receipts, place them inside your wallet for safe keeping until you reach home and place it on its designated folder. In case you are not sure if your receipt can be claimed or not, then just keep it. You can always throw them out once you have proven that they can’t be claimed at the end of the financial year.

Being a Single Mom

Although being a single mom is not an easy task and often requires you to toil all day seemingly advancing nowhere, some single mothers are still finding time to advance their education. Of course, if a single mom could advance herself in this manner; it could make life somewhat easier in the future, not just for them but also for their children. An added bonus for a single mom receiving further education is that the children see their mothers studying and more realize the importance that education plays in every body’s lives.

Many single mothers may have considered getting more education but thought that they could not afford the expense that would be involved but that is not the case. Today there are several free scholarships for single mothers available and all you have to do to find one; is to look on the internet. I know that your first thought will probably be that you are a single mother and so you can’t possibly qualify but, that is the beauty of these scholarships; you have to be a single mother to qualify. The scholarships are specifically set up to cater to people in your exact same position or at least one very similar therefore, they are ideally suited to the situation which you are in and responses to your application would be made with that in mind.

Whilst a better education could certainly assist you in creating a better life for you and your family, there are other things that can also help you to get by in the meantime and perhaps the most important of these is to remember to laugh. When was the last time you laughed? I know that the rigours of daily life as a single mother may be too exhausting to take time out for some quality entertainment but that maybe isn’t always needed. If you watch any professional comedian, they will generally get their laughs from reciting everyday situations which people find themselves in and, if you would allow yourself to look back over the week at some of the situations you found yourself in and were able to somehow get yourself out of, with hindsight they may have been funny so don’t be ashamed to laugh at them. Laughter is therapeutic and hearing you laugh can only be good for your kids. It is perhaps essential that we find a funny side to bad situations as humour is one of the best medicines for keeping people happy.

Another thing to remember to try and avoid your life getting out of hand is that life is not a competition, you do not have to compete with a neighbour whether they are married or single, it is just the lives of you and your children that is important to you, not how well or bad the people next door are doing.

Lastly, remember to big yourself up on occasions. Compliments are hard to find these days but if you did a good job on something, congratulate yourself and if possible, give yourself a little treat.

Using items in an SMSF

If you have an smsf, chances are you’ve wondered if there isn’t just a little way you could make use of the assets the smsf owns. This can be especially tempting when it comes to collectables like art. Here’s the low down on why you can’t.

Remember, it’s amazing that your smsf can still invest in arts and collectables at all. It was recommended that they not be allowed, and the ruling was quite developed before it was overturned. The end result was an extreme tightening of these measures. Collectables [and personal use items] are things like jewelry, antiques, wine, vehicles, rare folios, first covers and more. Bullion bars are not, although bullion coins which have a value beyond face value/metal content are.

You can own any of them through the smsf. However, they cannot be stored on your property or in the residence of anyone at all related to you or other members of the SMSF. This does, it must be said, not include a special storage facility. You can store them on the premises of a business party related to the SMSF, but not for display- only storage. You must also be able to provide documentation as to why the storage location you do chose was chosen, and will need to keep these records for ten years.

It doesn’t end there, however. Not only must these terms be met, but all collectables and personal use artifacts [excepting club memberships] must be insured within seven days of purchase. If the asset is sold, especially to a related party, the SMSF will be legally required to seek an independent valuation of the asset. The sales price has to be in line with this and cannot, in fact, be less than the valuation placed. Or can the item be leased to anyone related to the SMSF. This includes partnerships and the partners of those partnerships, family, SMSF members, trusts and companies owned or controlled by members and more.

No matter how tempting it is, realize that the law clearly states that assets held by your SMSF simply cannot be used by you or others related to you and the SMSF. There’s no way to use the cover of your SMSF to hide your own personal enjoyment of articles that fall in this class. The rules are being very strictly enforced in this sector, so failure to comply could be disastrous.

On which note, remember to make sure that the SMSF investment strategy makes sense for the asset purchase, too. Collectables are considered illiquid and hard to move on the market easily. Tying up too much of your resources with them may be a very bad idea, leaving you with cash flow issues and reducing liquidity while leaving you very open to issues such as excessive liabilities.

Tempting though it is, if you choose to invest in collectables through your SMSF, that’s where your involvement with them will stay- you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The assets are only there to generate wealth, not entertain you.

Investment Master Plan for Beginners

In investing, you need to know first about what kind of business you want to have in the future. And as for your present and current business, you need to know where it will lead you, or just expand much further. But as of now, you have nothing while reading this article, or just having a bit of cash or just the average salary guy. What you have to be looking forward at is about your bright future, your existence that can be only determined if you are gutsy enough to take a step and take all the risks.

The same thing also sets you in making a decision on what business to build. Therefore, you need an investment plan, a master plan. It must be consistent over time and has lots of options and ways just in case your business doesn’t look good. In advance, you will have to be imaginative and creative. Thinking about the things that could happen when you are running your dream business.

First thing you’ll have to deal with yourself is money, the medium of trade and industry. You must seek sources which can bring you cash while you are running for your dream business. You might as well start saving money right now and cut your expenses to at least half. Sell things which are not of use of you, work double time and reflect on your dream in case you want some inspiration. All things could go smoothly if you will just follow these tips. Without further ado, watch the video below for more details which is related to this topic. Enjoy!